Rethink Retirement.



Our Why

To reignite the fire within adults over 40 to find their passion and purpose again and live a Kingdom way of life. 

This is a gathering of critical leaders in your region to encourage and equip “Elders” for the work of discipling the next generation. Our goal is that this will lead to Relationship and Involvement with some of the many opportunities to advance the Kingdom of God around the world, and in your own back yard. 

We call this a Kingdom Way of Life and Jesus modeled it in three ways:

1. Intimacy with God

2. Community

3. Mission

Our Staff & Speakers

Andrew Shearman

Andrew Shearman founded the G42 Leadership Academy at age 63 after remembering a long-had dream. He is the epitome of taking hold of the "second half of life" for the Kingdom, and reawakening our spirit to press into what life still needs us for.

Gary Black

Gary D. Black is living his dream; he is calling forth young leaders into their strengths and passions through The World Race, and as a Director at G42. His passion for reigniting those entering their second half of life is evident as you experience him at Rethink Retirement. Everywhere he goes, he is fulfilling the purpose of his life, the Malachi mandate: to turn the hearts of the parents to the children and the hearts of the children to the parents. Gary’s heart is first and foremost with his children and grandchildren, and with the love of his life, Lisa-Marie.

Lisa-Marie Black

Lisa-Marie Black spends her days dedicated to her man, loving her children and grandchildren, and calling a generation of young women to step into the graceful warrior they were created to be. Lisa casts a vision for the future of females by speaking and writing her books and blogs. Lisa weeps with and fights for the vulnerable. However, she is the happiest when she is laughing with and cooking for the ones she loves the most, those related by blood and also those connected directly by heart.

Seth Barnes

Seth Barnes is the founder of World Race and the greater organization Adventures in Missions. He is a visionary, strategist and master of executing the best of daily life. Seth is passionate about the "how" in envisioning and executing a long and full life.

Daniel Haverkos

Daniel leads the eldership team and has a passion for helping those in their second half of life step fully into their Kingdom calling. He sold his 401k consulting business in 2017 and has been traveling the world ever since. Daniel is a lover of deep rooted relationship, and he and his wife Bex and their young boys Matthew, Josiah and Toby have been living these past 2+ years in an Airstream camper pouring into everyone they meet. 

Our Affiliations

The World Race is a stretching journey for 21-35 year olds to serve “the least of these” while amongst real and raw community. This unique mission trip goes to 11 countries in 11 months, and is a challenging adventure for young adults to abandon worldly possessions and a traditional lifestyle in exchange for an understanding that it’s not about you; it’s about the Kingdom. 


G42 Leadership Academy is a 9 month training program designed to transform, challenge perspectives, train and mobilize Christ-like leaders to reveal the Kingdom of God around the world.  Our graduates, and their communities, know who they are in Christ and reverse oppression wherever they work, live and go. We currently reside where the school is located in Mijas, Spain.