Your second half of life can be even more full than your first.

Rethink Retirement Retreats are designed for ages 40+ to awaken, equip, and launch you into the most purpose-filled time of your life.

Let’s not mince words – the concept of retirement in the west is a joke. Working your whole life, saving and scrimping so that you can maintain a defined standard of living, play golf, and check out, cannot be described as “abundant life”.


-World Class teachers 




-Kingdom finances

-Discipleship tools for the next generation

-Creating a life plan


-Learn about opportunities around the world in our growing nework of ministries, business and missional communities.

"Several times during the retreat I felt the intense burden to come alongside the next generation."

Dave Carlson


February 14-17, 2020

ARK on Lake Lanier

in Gainesville, GA

February 20-23, 2020

Camp Beckwith

in Fairhope, AL

Rethink Retirement Mission Statement

To reignite the fire within adults over 40 to find their passion and purpose again and live a Kingdom way of life.